Cambridgeshire Local Authority (LA) is responsible for setting the admissions policy and criteria for this school.   Parents will be informed in the April prior to admission whether a place is available for your child. 

Places will be allocated on the basis of the Published Admission Number (PAN) for the year group and the admissions criteria set by the LA. 

Oversubscription Criteria:


Children who have a Statement of Special Educational Need (SEN) / Education Health and Care Plan (EHCP) that names the school will be admitted. NB. Those children with a statement of SEN / EHCP that does not name the school will be referred to the Statutory Assessment Team (SAT) to determine an appropriate place.


1.    Children in Care, also known as Looked After Children (LAC), and children who were previously looked after but ceased to be so by reason of adoption, a residence order (now known as a child arrangement order) or special guardianship order;

2.    Children living in the catchment area with a sibling at the school at the time of admission;

3.    Children living in the catchment area;

4.    Children living outside the catchment area who have a sibling at the school at the time of admission;

5.    Children living outside the catchment area who have applied and been unable to gain a place at their Cambridgeshire catchment area school because of oversubscription;

6.    Children who live outside the catchment area, but nearest the school as measured by a straight line.


In cases of equal merit in each set of criteria, priority will go to children living nearest the school as measured by a straight line.


Reception Places


The first round for primary school applications is now closed for September 2020.

If your child was born between 1 September 2015 and 31 August 2016, they are due to start primary school in September 2020.

If you have yet to apply you will need to male a late application for your child's primary school place. You will need to apply online using the Cambridgeshire County Council online Citizen Portal system. Late applications will need to be made by 30th April 2020.




Nursery Places


If you would like a Nursery place in our Foundation Stage Unit (for children who have turned 3) please contact Mrs Crisp in the School Office in the first instance. Please note however that we are full for this academic year; places will be available from September 2020.

In Cambridgeshire, a child is deemed to be of nursery age from the beginning of the term following their 3rd birthday until 31st August following their fourth birthday. For this purpose, the terms are as follows (these are in line with the Early Years Education Funding term dates): 

Autumn term – 1st September to 31st December; Spring term – 1st January to 31st March; Summer term – 1st April to 31st August.

Parents can register their interest in a nursery place at any time however you must formally apply for a place using the local council nursery admission form, copies of which are available from the School.  

If you have any questions, please contact Mrs Kim Crisp