Art and Design

The Arts

Humans are naturally creative, musical and artistic – British Council

 We aim to:

  • Promote an enthusiastic outlook towards the arts.
  • Allow time to explore, practice and progress.
  • Develop the key skills needed to allow pupils to move forward and enjoy.

At Great Wilbraham Primary School we celebrate the Arts and consider them an integral part of a rich and balanced curriculum.

We provide our pupils with opportunities to learn, practice and explore with a wide range of artistic media (eg. paints, pastels & collage). In addition to this our pupils experience dance, music and drama in both school wide and class based units.

Our program of peripatetic music tuition includes piano, violin and ukulele with more spaces available for interested pupils – we strongly encourage private musical tuition and believe in the lifelong benefits of learning to play an instrument.

For those children learning instruments and other performing arts we host a Spring Concert to allow these pupils to show off their talents. The school ukulele orchestra incorporates children of all ages in learning this fun and engaging instrument.