Art and Design


Humans are naturally creative, musical and artistic – British Council

HEAD: learning about influential artists, their styles and impact and how these can be applied to pupils’ own pieces of artwork
HEART: understanding and applying the emotional connections made through experiencing and participating in art activities
HANDS: learning progressive skills in each strand of the curriculum – beginning with mark making and experimentation and building up to a final piece

Challenging and progressive units are linked to class topics and include a range of media and opportunities to experience and build on new and existing skills. At Great Wilbraham Primary School we celebrate the Arts and consider them an integral part of a rich and balanced curriculum. We provide our pupils with opportunities to learn, practice and explore with a wide range of artistic media (eg. paints, pastels & collage). In addition to this our pupils experience dance, music and drama in both school wide and class based units.

Formative judgements are made through observations and evidence in sketch books and recorded through Teacher App. Summative assessments are usually made at the end of a unit through observations and sketch book evidence.