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Rev. Alice Goodman
Rev. Alice Goodman has been our Rector since September 2011, and has general oversight for the three parishes of Fulbourn, Great and Little Wilbraham with Six Mile Bottom. She originally comes from Minnesota, U.S.A., and studied literature both at Harvard and then here in Cambridge. Alice has an established literary reputation both as a poet and an opera librettist. 

Having been brought up in a Jewish family, Alice converted in adult life to Christianity, and later became ordained in the Church of England. She joined us from Trinity College, Cambridge, where she served for 5 years as Chaplain. Before that, her first job in the Church of England was as Assistant Curate to the Kidderminster Parish Church Team.

Parish Assistant Yin-An Chen
People usually call me Ian as this name is easier to pronounce than my Mandarin name which, though it looks as though it is easy to pronounce, isn't!  Also, I like the name Ian as it has a beautiful meaning:  'God is gracious'. I am from Taiwan and came to England to study 8 years ago. I work in the church in Fulbourn and the Wilbrahams, so I have an office in Twelve, the church shop in Fulbourn High Street. I love to listen to people's stories, and laugh and cry with friends.