Science is a wonderful subject to develop the key skills of curiosity, perseverance, reflecting and thinking!


In accordance to our curriculum intent we feel science should:

HEAD: Acquire scientific knowledge and think critically within investigative activities 

HEART: Challenge stereotypes and develop learning about how the world works 

HANDS: Provide hands on and practical memorable experiences 


Our primary aim in science is for children to be able to question about the world around them - and have strategies available to them in order to answer that question. 

Across our school we have developed a common approach to scientific investigation and is progressively built upon until children are fully confident in:

  • Posing questions
  • Making reasoned predictions
  • Developing methods to answer questions
  • Fair testing
  • Collecting results
  • Drawing conclusions
We ensure every class learn about a diverse range of scientists and follow the national curriculum programme to ensure a progressive and sequential curriculum map.
Formative judgements are made through observations, marking and recorded through Teacher App. Summative assessments are usually made at the end of a unit through a triangulation of observations, evidence in books and assessment tasks stated in the medium term plans.