School Houses

School Houses - a history

In 2017 the whole school held a referendum about whether to change the names of the houses from colours to an alternative. For the Autumn term the School Parliament were given the task to think of different ideas.  The whole community were also asked to provide inspiration and members of the staff, the Governing Body, the Church community and parents all contributed.  The School Parliament then chose a short list for the whole community to then vote for.  Ballot papers were sent out to the groups mentioned above and to every child.  The votes were then counted and the decision made just before the New Year.

Each house is named after a building in one of the three villages of our catchment area.

Hall (red) – Six Mile Bottom Hall

Manor (yellow) – Little Wilbraham Manor House

Rectory (green) – The Old Rectory in Little Wilbraham

Temple (blue) – Temple House in Great Wilbraham

We have house afternoons where the children go to their ‘house classroom’ and work together across the age groups producing work for the house display board in the hall.  Each house classroom is led by a teacher and has a wall in their house colour, all members of staff have to go through a ‘sorting hat’ to be allocated a house – aside from the Headteacher who remains neutral.  The children compete as houses during sports day and it is now an integral part of our behaviour policy where we are able to award house points and a weekly total is displayed in the hall.


Each house has an allocated teacher and House Captain:
Rectory - Mrs Forshaw - House Captain - Ella 
Temple - Miss Emily Maddison - House Captain - Ellie 
Manor - Miss Holtby/Mrs Francis - House Captain - Zach 
Hall - Mrs Katie Chaudhry - House Captain - Harry