In accordance with our curriculum intent we feel Personal, Social and Health Education should:

HEAD: aid development of pupil understanding of how to be safe, healthy and happy individuals.

HEART: consider the needs and feelings of others through our words and behaviour.

HANDS: encourage creative ways to be a healthy and happy citizen who can have a positive effect on others.


Personal Social, Health and Emotional Education helps you to learn the life skills of resilience, self care and independence.

Our PSHE curriculum is founded on the Cambridgeshire Primary Personal Development Programme, The programme gives children the opportunity to develop skills, knowledge and understanding of positive relationships, managing emotions, staying safe,and being healthy, We feel it is vital to foster our understanding of these key concepts through practical activities and group discussions. In following this programme we learn to express our feelings and value our differences as individuals. 


Formative judgements are made through observations and recorded through Teacher App. Summative assessments are usually made at the end of a unit using the Primary Personal Development Assessment toolkit through a triangulation of observations, pupil self reflection and assessment tasks.