For our pupils to be able to write using high quality language, we believe that pupils need to have the opportunity to experience well-chosen texts and structures. Our texts often reflect the cultural, social and linguistic diversity of all children and are closely linked to our curriculum topics. We feel it is important for our pupils to ‘write with a purpose’. Some examples of this are: Writing to our local MP and recounts of a ‘Ranger Day Experience’ to evidence a National Trust evaluation request.

Our teachers engage with our pupils as writers, firstly by encouraging them to explore their ideas prior to composition. Opportunities to explore texts are shared through drama, media, role-play, interviewing characters and experience sessions.  Teachers model the process from planning and drafting to reflecting and editing including class ideas – a collaborative approach. Visiting authors inspire and encourage creativity during their writing workshops. We encourage pupils to develop their personal writing style and find their own voice.

Our curriculum intent for English is:

  •        HEAD: Providing children with experiences that will lead to rich language development so that at the end of their primary education with us, they are empowered with a breadth of vocabulary that they can build on in their future prospects.
  •        HEART: Value the imaginative ideas of all learners and encourage pupils to share skills and a love of reading and writing with others. Care about the diverse and inclusive world around us and TOGETHER go on a journey of self-discovery. 
  •        HANDS: It is CREATIVELY taught and practical, continually building on the foundations of early reading and writing skills. Children are engaged with opportunities to ‘write for a purpose’ and reflect on the impact of their work as both a writer and reader.