HEAD: learning the basics of musical vocabulary and theory through songs, singing and playing instruments
HEART: understanding and applying the emotional connections made through experiencing and participating in musical activities
HANDS: learning the basics of playing musical instruments through song

At GWPS we encourage musical development in many different ways. All children attend a singing assembly once a week with Mr Tim Brown (one of the school Governors) - a professional choir leader and school governor. Music is also taught to individual classes by the class teachers using a fun and interactive program called Charanga. This exposes the children to music of all kinds, has them singing and playing instruments and gets them thinking about the feel and message behind a song. Charanga is an interactive and engaging music teaching and learning tool that enables pupils to learn musical skills through a set of progressive and popular songs.
We have a range of peripatetic music teachers on site each week. Our musical talents are shown off at a range of events, namely our Spring Concert where the community are invited to come and enjoy the performances of our pupils.

Formative judgements are made through observations, marking and recorded through Teacher App. Summative assessments are usually made at the end of a unit through observations taking into account achievement and engagement.