Welcome to Hedgehog Class

Welcome to Hedgehog Class – where we love to learn!

Our favourite things are stories, History, Art and PE.

Here is our class charter, created by us, the pupils of Hedgehog Class: 

  • Always try your hardest
  • Be polite to everyone
  • Care for others
  • Make sensible and safe choices
  • If we see someone who needs help we will give it to them

In the mornings we enjoy reading, maths and English.   

In maths we use objects, written methods and our arithmetic knowledge (including times tables) to help with our problem solving. Our English lessons centre around amazing, ambitious texts which might be a story, non-fiction text, poems or something else altogether. Some of these include The Whale, The Wolves in the Walls, Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone and Kasper Prince of Cats.   

We learn together with partners or groups but we also work independently too.   

In the afternoon we learn through our termly topics. Some of these include The Ancient Greeks, Europe and All about Animals.   

The afternoons are also spent learning in the arts and design. We have termly music, art and DT units that teach us about musicians, artists and designers, their works and the skills and techniques they used. We practise these skills and techniques and apply them to our own creative pieces. 

RE, PSHE and PE are also taught in the afternoons.

We use our heads, hearts and hands to help us learn, investigate and grow together.

Staff in Hedgehog Class:
Mrs K Chaudhry - Teacher
Mr C Brown         - Teaching Assistant
Mr K Torode        - Teaching Assistant