In Fieldmice class all children are expected to have an experience of reading daily. Sharing books with your child, especially as part of the bedtime routine, is essential to developing your child's relationship with books and promoting an enjoyment of reading.

As and when your child is ready they will be supplied with a school reading book which should be read with an adult at home daily. If your child has a prefered reading option this, of course, should take precedence above the school reading scheme; whether it be comics, picturebooks, ebooks or even the back of a cereal packet -  reading, in whatever guise, counts!

Key Word Passports support all children in learning high frequency words that can not be decoded using phonic strategies (words like was, the and said for example).


Topic based projects form the third part of Fieldmice Class homework and are used to support and excite children about the topics studied at school. Often these take the form of projects that can be undertaken with older siblings and parents.

Helping your child with phonics