School Parliament

Each September children campaign and get voted in .

Through this approach children learn about democracy, the Houses of Parliament and how 'Britishness' has formed over the centuries.

All children are able to stand for a ministerial position in the elections at the beginning of each academic year. They are expected to explain why the voters should choose them and to run their own campaign. Parliament meets at least once a half term.

House names: Hall, Temple, Manor & Rectory

School Parliament is represented throughout Yr1 - Yr6
For 2023-2024
Y6 Chloe and Bonnie
Y5 - Rhian and Kit
Y4 -Archie and Esme
Y3- Myah and Ben
Y2- Oscar and Isla
Y1- Hettie and Tommy
Some of the issues debated in school parliament 
Getting to school safely
School council were posed with a problem regarding where pupils cross the road to enter school in the morning. 
'When walking to school the cars driving past school don't have to stop. As school council, we have taken that on board and have discussed what we are going to do. We have talked to the whole school that we must all look both ways and listen before we cross the road.'
Views on lessons
We asked our classes what they thought about Music .
'Music in our class is really fun but some people asked if we could have more instruments. We have taken that on board and now use recorders, maracas, drums and glockenspiels within our lessons. People also asked if they could bring in their own instruments from home and this is now happening.'
Lilibet Garden
An area in school that was known as the Spiritual Garden was looking a bit tired and down. With lots of hard work and donations it has been reopened and is now a nice peaceful place where you can sit and read a book. Beautiful plants have brightened the area up. The school council organised a vote to find a new name, we asked all pupils, staff and parents to vote on 4 names. It is now known as 'The Lilibet Garden'. We had a grand opening with the whole school, parents and people who had donated money to help us.