Phonics and Spelling

Phonics & Spelling

Phonics at Great Wilbraham is taught using Twinkl Phonics alongside the Statutory Spelling Guidance from the Primary Curriculum for English

Key terms you should be aware of:

Phoneme: a unit of sound

Grapheme: the letter or letters used to represent a sound when it is written down (eg the sound ‘ai’ can be written ai or ay)

Digraph: a sound made from two letters (eg ai, ee)

Segment: break down a word into its sound (eg rain- r-ai-n)

Blend: put the sounds back together (eg r-ai-n – rain)

Common exception words: words which can’t be easily spelled phonetically





Spelling from Year 2 to Year 6 is taught several times a week through ‘No Nonsense Spelling’ which is linked to the requirements of the National Curriculum. Children are given age related keywords to learn. Lessons will support the spelling rules needed to spell and use these words in their writing.