Our GWPS Curriculum

Our Curriculum Statement of Intent:

Our values statement that Together we are Caring, Confident and Creative learners inspires us within our curriculum with the aim to promote lifelong learning. In 2020, staff created six key attributes we would aim to develop within our teaching - diversity, critical thinking, engagement, aspiration, resilience and values. In 2022, we reviewed these strands both as staff and with the School Parliament to ensure they were still relevant and met the needs of all our learners.  Diversity, sustainability, knowledge, critical thinking, engagement, inspiration were the main areas to promote a lifelong love of learning.

Lifelong learning can be stated as integrating all three domains of learning: affective (heart), cognitive (head) and practical (hands). Fully expressing the three areas within our curriculum enables us to meet the demands of every learner who we understand will learn, think, feel and act differently.
Žižanović, Senka. (2013). “Head, Heart and Hands Learning” - A challenge for contemporary education. Journal of Education Culture and Society.
To encapsulate this simply and link to our school values statement, three key curriculum intent statements were created:
HEAD - Confidence in curriculum knowledge and having the critical thinking skills to apply it are life skills for our pupils.
HEART - Caring about our diverse population and how to make the planet sustainable are really important to our pupils.
HANDS - Creative approaches to meeting the curriculum makes learning engaging and exciting and memorable. 

The intent statement for each subject is linked to this overall statement and can be found on the subject pages below and within every subject policy. 

Curriculum Plans for each class are shared termly with parents and details of these plans can be found on each class page of this website.

Our teaching is based around an overarching theme each term which is different in every class and is based on a two year rolling programme. The theme cycle can be seen below and the long term plan for each cycle is produced by each teacher and shared on their class page.
All school policy documents for curriculum areas can be found on our policy page.