Religious Education

As a church school, religious education has a significant role to play.  It is a legal requirement for pupils to have opportunities to learn about the principal religions in the UK. There is a balance between Christianity and other faiths, and we follow County guidelines with regard to religious education. 

HEAD: learning about the faiths of the world, their main characteristics, key texts and important figures.
HEART: learning tolerance and the celebration of the similarities and differences between the main world faiths
HANDS: allow children to engage in creative ways to ask and answer the “Big Questions”.

Challenging and progressive units are taught through the schemes Understanding Christianity (Christianity units) and the Emmanuel Project (world faiths units).

Formative judgements are made through observations and evidence in RE books and recorded through Teacher App. Summative assessments are usually made at the end of a unit through “Big Question Quizzes”, observations and RE book evidence. 

Mrs Pat Nutbourne, a local parishioner, make this beautiful runner for the table in our Spiritual Corner in the hall.