Welcome to Squirrel Class

Welcome to Squirrel Class - we love to learn!

Our favourite things are songs, stories, maths games and art activities. 

Here is our class charter, created by us, the pupils of Squirrel Class: 

  • Don’t give up and try your best.
  • Respect your friends and your classroom. 
  • Move around carefully.
  • Be kind and be happy.

In the mornings we enjoy reading, maths, phonics and English.  

In maths we use objects, counting apparatus and drawings to help with our problem solving. Our English lessons centre around a brilliant book which might be a story, fact text, poem or something else altogether. Some of these include Grace and Family, Avocado Baby, Beegu and The Bear and the Piano.Reading and phonics lessons give us fun opportunities to play, learn and practise our reading and writing skills focussing on letters, sounds and spelling patterns.  

We learn together with partners or groups and sometimes show what we can do all on our own!  

In the afternoon we learn through our termly topics. Some of these include The Great Fire of LondonWild and Wonderful Weather and Extreme Explorers and have different foci for each one such as history, geography or science.  

The afternoons are also spent learning in the arts and design. We have termly music, art and DT units that teach us about musicians, artists and designers, their works and the skills and techniques they used. We practise these skills and techniques and apply them to our own creative pieces. 

RE, PSHE and PE are also taught in the afternoons.

We use our heads, hearts and hands to help us learn and play together.

Staff in Squirrel Class:
Miss Emily Maddison - Teacher
Mr C Brown                   - Teaching Assistant
Mr K Torode                -  Teaching Assistant
Mrs R Williams            - Teaching Assistant