Great Wilbraham Primary is a member school of the ACT Multi Academy Trust which formed in 2023. The Trust was created to teach children to think it, believe it, live it as a global citizen in an ever-changing world and all schools within the Trust follow this vision and have common core values which underpin all aspects of school life.


All of the schools in the Trust work together, share ideas and resources and collaborate. This collaboration ensures all children benefit from the best possible education, have the most fulfilling and positive experience of school life and are supported to develop into confident, creative and caring learners.

The Governance of the school is divided between some decisions and direction which is set at the Trust level and some decisions which are taken through the Local Governing Body. The vision, values and strategic direction are set by the ACT Trust and some key decisions such as the school budget are also determined by the Trust. Within this framework each school establishes its own School Development Plan, specific priority intents and designs key aspects about teaching and learning which are specific to and right for each school.  

The main role of the local Governing Body is to oversee the development and delivery of the School Development Plan and the priorities (known as ‘intents’) within it. The Governing Body is made up of representatives of the local community, parents and the faith community who work alongside the staff team and Trust leaders to monitor the progress of the school and each governor has a responsibility for at least one of the strategic intents within the plan.

The Governing Body is currently co-chaired by Jo Helmy, Eleanor Laws and Jacqueline Mc Camphill and you can read a bit about each governor on the profiles page. The school is currently recruiting new governors and if you would be interested in supporting the school by joining the governing body please contact clerk@gw.act-academytrust.org.