Book Swap - Collect Service Starts Monday!

1st April 2020
Book Swap on Monday mornings.
  • Every Monday from 10am-12pm the nursery gate will be open
  • Ccones leading up to the school hall will denote 2m social distancing queues.
  • The first hour will be for families who's child's surname begins with A-K, the second hour will be for all other families
  • No more than THREE adults are allowed in the hall at any one time
  • Only ONE person per family with no children
  • This is not a place to socialise 
  • Once in the hall, leave book returns on the blue table on the right hand side
  • Make your way to the relevant box(es) to pick up a bag of books - you need to know which numbered box to go to BEFORE entering the school, staff will not be able to help you on the day.  However, feel free to ask staff via email or use your own judgement if you are unable to contact them.
  • Bags contain 3-4 random books from the numbered box, we cannot promise your child hasn't read the book before so perhaps go up one level from where they were in March.  Each bag is labelled with a number and letter so you will know which bags you have had before.
  • Leave the hall with your bag (or bags if more than one child) and exit the way you entered, avoiding the queue and going round the picnic tables.
  • The following week, return books in their bags onto the blue table - these books will then be quarantined until the following week, any help you can provide to make them as clean as possible is appreciated
We are providing this service once a week and there will not be an opportunity to go anywhere else other than the hall.  Two members of staff will be in attendance every week and we hope this will be a swift 'click and collect' type system (but without the click)! Unfortunately this is ONLY for children using the numbered book boxes and not for access to the library or classrooms for free readers.
I have tried to consider every risk and hope these rather didactic rules will alleviate any concerns.  We would suggest you wear gloves/masks and wash your hands when returning home.  This initiative is something we offer to you and does not have to be facilitated if you feel it is too much of a risk.  Should you be shielding and need someone else to collect books we will leave this for you to organise, any issues or questions please contact homelearning@
I have a short film clip below which hopefully will show the system. Mrs Rodbard and I will be there Monday and hope you will be able to bring back some books for us to redeploy next week. We look forward to seeing you.
Richard Brown