The school's governing body is responsible for the overall management of the school, while delegating the day-to-day administration to the Headteacher.  The whole governing body generally meets twice a term, whilst various sub-committees meet more regularly to discuss particular aspects of running the school.  Governors also make visits to the school, attend performances and accompany classes on visits.  Some of our governors also assist with interventions with the children.

Minutes of the governors' meetings are available upon request from our clerk. We have an open policy and believe that issues should be discussed with transparency; full governing body meetings are open to parents but we would kindly ask that you contact the clerk at least 48 hours before the meeting should you wish to attend (so that appropriate room space can be organised).  You can contact any of our governors to share an issue or a compliment and they will raise it at the appropriate meeting.   

Our governors represent the community and include representatives nominated by the parish (foundation governors), the local authority, the parents, the teachers and support staff.  The governors all give their time freely for the continuing benefit of the school for which we are all extremely grateful.